A man follows a mysterious silhouette into the sea and is confronted with the most painful memories of his past. Will he drown or survive?


SAXYFRAGE is a short film based on a poem directed by Ana Alejos Pérez and David Luis Pérez and produced by Bea Cabrera. It's a tale about life and death, love and rejection, friendship and romance, loneliness and hope.

The tale tells the story of a young man, Saxyfrage, who has lost faith in life. One day, he sees a mysterious silhouette appear from the dunes and disappear into the sea. This apparition rekindles the most painful memories of his past, including his solitary childhood, where he was excluded by his classmates for being gay and neglected by his parents. He also remembers his first encounter with Edu, a handsome student whom he strongly desired, but was unattainable. Saxyfrage walks towards the sea in a desperate attempt to stop the flames that ravage his soul. His body contorts in agony as he drowns into the depths. He is finally resurrected following a mystical encounter with his inner child that will allow him to live a life of love.

With this mystical tale, we want to show that it is possible to bounce back, even after a tumultuous past. Stories of hope are needed in a world struck by a pandemic that has fueled anxiety. We want to combine the power of poetry and cinematography to help us all heal the wounds of the past and live a better life.



The budget has been prioritized on camera equipment and casting. Most of the shooting will rely on natural light, however specialized camera equipment rentals will be essential to capture the shots to tell the story. A subaquatic camera is vital to capture Saxyfrage’s inner Saxyfrage struggle and a camera drone will provide the best dramatic contrast in a film that will be, otherwise, shot mainly on close-ups. Because it is a silent film, Saxyfrage and Edu’s performance will be crucial. Therefore, we want to invest in experienced and versatile actors that are able to transmit a wide range of emotions.



We are currently looking at possible locations surrounding the city of Valencia in Spain, which is rich in cultural offerings such as beautiful beaches and city streets with enchanting lights and color. Valencia Film Office (http://www.valenciafilmoffice.org) offers great advice and support to first-time filmmakers in creating projects that are professional and on a budget. Being a coastal city with a reasonable commuting time in between spots, we can observe moving from one location to another in an efficient way, plus weather anticipates 334 sunny days a year, so we are operating on the safe side for the best shooting conditions by choosing Valencia.

Production Title: Saxyfrage

Production Type: Independent

Project Length: Short Film (10 min)

Directors: David Luis Pérez & Ana Alejos Pérez

Producer: Bea Cabrera (visit website)

Director of Photography: Bea Cabrera

Assistant Producer: Yula Tefa

Audition Location: 1st audition online

Shooting Location: Valencia, Spain

Compensation: Conditional on the obtention of funding



We are currently looking for actors for:

  • SAXYFRAGE, Male, 22-28


To register for the casting please send your actor demo reel to dlperezmagan@gmail.com

We will reply to all applicants.

We are also looking for enthusiastic people to fill the following roles

  • Assistant Producer

  • Crowdfunding Assistant

  • Sound Designer

  • Drone Operator



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