Last Update: 23 Nov.

We are excited to present our new film project 

Production Title: Saxyfrage

Production Type: Independent

Project Length: Corto/Short Film (10 min)

Directors: David Luis Pérez & Ana Alejos Pérez

Producers: David Luis Pérez & Ana Alejos Pérez

Director of Photography: Bea Cabrera

Audition Location: Playa de la Malvarrosa

Shooting Location: Valencia & possibly Canet

Shooting Starts: TBD


A young boy sees a mysterious silhouette entering the sea. This apparition rekindles painful memories. The only way he finds to stop the flames that burn inside him is to dive into the sea, where another encounter awaits him.


To register for the casting please send your actor demo reel to

Call for actors:

  • SAXYFRAGE, Male, 22-25

  • EDU, Male, 25-28

  • IRENE, Female 22-25

  • ALICIA, Female 22-25

  • DIEGO, Male 22-25


Call for extras:

  • 1 woman, 35-40

  • 1 man, 35-40

  • 4 men and women aged 25-30.

We are also looking for enthusiastic people to fill the following roles

  • Assistant Director

  • Sound Designer

  • Drone Operator

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